DIY No-Sew Face Mask

We know that masks can be hard to come by and can be daunting to make if you are not handy with a sewing machine. So here's a DIY no-sew option to give you peace of mind should you need to run essential errands. 
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7 Trending Back To School Looks

It's back to school season! Heading back to school is a mix of emotions. Homework starts back up, those warm summer nights are gone and you can only sleep in on the weekends, but back to school isn't all bad. You get to see your friends, go to football games and get a new wardrobe! 
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Introducing The Metallic Collection

Add a little sparkle to our life with The Glam Collection. Our new collection is chalked full of on-trend metallics, eye-catching sequins, and just a little glitz. The products in this collection are fun and add a pop to any outfit, without being overwhelming.
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Quit Buggin! Why you need an Insect Shield Scarf

Wear it everywhere! At the beach, at the ballpark, around town or around your family, the Insect Shield summer scarf offers versatile protection from insects wherever you go, and however you choose to wear it, or use it!
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Spring Trends and Outfit Inspiration You Don't Want To Miss

Spring is here and that means we get to pack away our cold weather clothes and start wearing our cute warm weather clothes. Here's some spring outfits pictures to get you inspired! 
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FREE Printable 2018 Calendar

Enjoy motivational and uplifting quotes every month with this printable 2018 calendar. This 12 month calendar is perfect for your fridge, in your office, or even as an addition to a notebook or planner. We suggest printing on 8.5x11 cardstock for the best quality. Enjoy!
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4 Spring Trends You Don't Want to Miss

Spring is just around the corner, and soon you will be able to ditch that heavy winter coat. With warmer weather comes brighter colors and more playful patterns, and Spring 2018 is no exception. Here are 4 Spring trends that have been spotted on the runway, that you can recreate using simple accessories from Tickled Pink!
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How to Dress your Poncho (Up and Down)

We could not be happier that ponchos are trending this year! They're basically socially acceptable blankets that also happen to look flattering and chic. However, you may be wondering how to style this new trend. That's what we're here for. We've got the perfect tutorial for styling your poncho up and down. We've got you covered for days in when you just want to sit in front of the fire and watch movies or go to a casual coffee shop and for when you want to show off your street style and give them all the wow factor. 
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Fall Activities and Outfits for Date Night

One of the best things about fall is that feeling of having a full agenda. It's the excitement of back to school (shopping, anyone?) and the leaves of change. There's never a shortage of things to cross off that bucket list.  There are leaves to be jumped in, sweaters to be worn, hot cider to be shared, photos to be taken, and excess amounts of post Halloween candy to be consumed! Today we've come up with the best fall dates for you and your boo (no pun intended), and more importantly, outfits to be worn during.
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Get into the Spirit: 5 Halloween Costumes that Speak to your Inner Child

One of the best holidays for fashionistas is just around the corner. Halloween is a wonderful time to put your styling skills to the test. That fancy, impractical dress that's been shoved to the corner of your closet with no hope of a day out in sight? Fair game for Halloween! It's also a great excuse to do some new wardrobe shopping. An outfit that doubles as a Halloween outfit and for regular wear? Score! Here are five Halloween costumes you can whip up in no time. To make things even better, these costumes are also work friendly so you get the best of both worlds. 
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Transitioning to Fall: 5 Outfits That Inspire

Happy first day of fall! We could not be happier to start breaking out the sweaters and scarves, but sometimes it is difficult to transition into fall when the weather still feels warm some days. We understand the struggle to dress for the warmer temps of early fall so we've pieced together some outfit inspiration for you! Grab a pumpkin spice latte and settle in.
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Four Scarves, 16 Different Ways to Tie

Whether you are looking for a new way to wear a cashmere, square or oblong scarf, we've got you covered.

Four styles of scarves shown in 16 easy-breezy ways. 

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